A Biodynamic Philosophy

Biodynamic agriculture works with nature not against it and hence is beneficial for the environment. Just as importantly, we find it also enables us to produce better wines.

Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other modern farming methods increase grape yields but they also poison the soil and mask the true terroir of the vineyard. To put it more simply: they strip the wine of any true flavor.

Biodynamics takes a radically different approach. It could be described as a holistic, ‘supercharged organic’ approach to winemaking.

Vines do not work in isolation. The soils, the organisms that live within them and all the living things that surround our vineyards are all part of a highly complex ecosystem that ultimately influences the quality and flavors of the grapes. It is our role to enable this ecosystem to work as effectively as nature intended because when it does, we are all able to enjoy the well-balanced, expressive and individual wines that are the result.

We believe that our methods produce the finest possible wines in the very best environment. We were the first estate in the AOC Minervois La Liviniere to be fully certified biodynamic and we are proud that our way of working will help secure the beauty of this place for generations to come.