Our Story 

When we bought the vineyard in 1997 we wanted to make the best wines in the Languedoc while working in harmony with nature – that is without applying pesticides or other chemicals. We looked at natural ways of rejuvenating the soil using compost.

First we carried out an experiment. Biodynamic preparations were added to one organic compost pile and another was left alone. After a while we discovered that the biodynamic pile contained far more living organisms and there was no doubt about the right course of action for the vineyard as a whole.

Thanks to biodynamic methods, our vines are now healthier and grow longer – and the quality of grapes is better. 

Chateau Maris is now a 79-acre estate divided into a multitude of small vineyards on the hillside above the village of La Liviniere, the first Cru Classe of the Minervois, in the Languedoc region.

We have been certified by Ecocert since 2002, Biodyvin since 2004,Demeter since 2008 and BCorps since 2016.