FORBES Aug 2018

These days most consumers understand that some of what we put in and on our bodies contains synthetics. Society doesn't yet agree on how dangerous this chemically-enhanced environment really is, what to do about it or if we should demand change with our buying power. The wine industry is no different, with ranging views on how to care for the vineyard and how to make wine. With no firm ingredient labelling regulations, consumers can't be sure how their wine was made and what it was made with. However, there are requirements to be labelled as organic, and this is helpful to consumers.

It may seem like this extra organic-farming effort means extra price tag, but quality organic wine isn't out of reach. 

Chateau Maris Minervois La Livinière La Touge 2015, Languedoc, France ( This wine is also certified biodynamic.

"Super-charged organic" is how this Languedoc cru producer describes a deep commitment to biodynamics. This syrah, grenache and carignan blend is fermented in concrete eggs and tanks.

 All wines on the list are under 20 dollars. Read More