"Producers confronting climate change head-on: Château Maris has taken green winery construction to a new level, building an entire facility out of lightweight, organic hemp-straw bricks that continue to capture and sequester carbon dioxide over many years as they harden."Dana Nigro. The Wine Spectator

The Change We Seek®

From the beginning, Château Maris focused on sustainable winemaking practices in both the vineyard and the cellar. The process began with the conversion of unhealthy vineyards that had been farmed using traditional practices into organic and biodynamic vineyards. The next step was building an environmentally friendly carbon neutral hemp brick cellar, the first of its kind in the world. The most recent accomplishment was joining the B Corps community.

Through B Corp, Château Maris has sought out a community of like-minded people, working with businesses that inspire thinking differently about solutions to environmental and social issues. The B Corp community helps reinforce Château Maris’ drive toward continuous improvement. Château Maris seeks to inspire other wineries and businesses to pursue sustainable farming practices and socially responsible business policies.