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"The Biodynamic Apostles of the Languedoc"     Wine Spectator

Château Maris is located in the Languedoc region of the South France. Managed by bio-dynamic winemaker Robert Eden, Château Maris produces fresh, balanced and high quality organic wines that offer serious levels of fruit and texture. Château Maris is also proud to boast the world’s first hemp cellar.


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Our Organic Wines

Our range of delicious, certified organic and biodynamic wine

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The World's First Hemp Winery

Commitment to organic goes beyond the vineyard. Our custom hemp winery embraces all that is good about new technology whilst not neglecting proven, traditional winemaking practices.

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A Biodynamic Philosophy


Core to biodynamic viticulture is the knowledge that chemical fertilizers, pesticides and many modern farming methods poison the soil and mask the true terroir of the vineyard. More simply put, they strip the wine of any true flavour.

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"We are a B Corp™!"

 Chateau Maris is proud to be the first winery in Europe to be certified as a B Corporation, using business as a force for good.
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Meet Maris

Chateau Maris is run by a small, dedicated team of people passionate about making high quality wines in an environmentally friendly-way. We are committed to striking a harmonious balance between our philosophy, production, taste and the needs of the market.

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